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Clinicians are trained to trust only what they test and verify. They tend to trust other clinicians for that reason. Endourage was founded by clinicians.

Endourage’s Clinician-Grade Standard proves on every product label it is independently tested, safe and complete. All 6 tests. On every label.

I recommend Endourage to all my friends interested in trying and using CBD-Rich Products. Endourage delivers the safety and quality I trust.

Our story

Clinicians are Addressing the CBD Safety Epidemic.

As 2019 drew to a close, the CBD mislabeling epidemic in the USA was becoming worse than the 2015 University of Pennsylvania findings of 78%, with a Leafly study of 47 products suggesting mislabeling at 87% when a +/-5% standard deviation was applied.

Courageous clinicians like Dr. Daniel Pompa responded with sobering advice cautioning clinicians and patients to recognize that CBD has great promise healing cells and supporting homeostasis while insisting the current state of the industry is fraught with risk because of insufficient supply-chain regulations and absence of thorough scientific standards and transparent independent testing.

Doctors seeking to do no harm with CBD care need to be extremely careful.

Epidemic Answered with Clinician-Grade CBD Care from Endourage

In 2020 Endourage was introduced to the US market as distinctive and compelling to clinicians specifically because it was founded by clinicians for clinicians and patients, and it is one of the only companies that meets the Clinician-Grade Standard for safety and quality.

Formulations are created collaboratively by researchers and practitioners who bring decades of licensed medical experience to the process of delivering Complete Spectrum products that meet the high standards that clinicians expect.

Every clinician and patient can verify Clinician-Grade Safety and Quality on every label of every Endourage product.

Endourage is a Colorado company founded
by clinicians for clinicians and their patients.

It is clearly distinguished by the safety and quality ensured by the Clinician Grade CBD Standard, which requires the following:


  • Extracts from seedless female flower only from organic cultivators in Colorado and Oregon
  • No sourcing from legacy tobacco farms historically treated with pesticides and GMOs


  • All products have labels that itemize the name and amounts of all active ingredients
  • All products have been subject to six tests conducted by independent labs
  • All test results are affixed to product labels and accessible via QR code reader apps
  • All products are processed in Colorado and all test results are batch specific
  • Testing measures Safety (Solvents, Metals, Microbials, Pesticides) and Quality (Cannabinoids and Terpenes)


  • All products are Complete Spectrum formulations containing native cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes required for the entourage effect to optimally support cellular healing
  • All terpenes are harvested from lawful seedless hemp/CBD flower – Endourage does not formulate with non-hemp proxy terpenes
  • CBD is a negative allopathic modulator of the CB1 receptor that prevents euphoric THC effects while aiding the body’s own endocannabinoid homeostasis restoration.
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