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The importance of clinician grade CBD: Roundtable Discussion

A Mission Driven Company
The importance of clinician grade CBD: Roundtable Discussion

This podcast wraps up a five part series exploring why people get involved in missions, in this case the mission to reinvent wellness with clinician grade CBD.  Why do they exhibit a kind of faith that leads them to undertake goals beyond profits and market share to find ways to create other kinds of benefit? Each if the other podcasts in this series was the individual story of a leader who has undertaken the mission to reimagine wellness with a company called Endourage.   These are great stories. Each one details a distinct American life with twists and turns, struggles and resolutions spills and chills. They span the Civil Rights Movement, the HIV / AIDS crisis, and the Salt Lake City Olympics.  If you haven’t listened, you really should. As a wrap up, two members of the Endourage team are joined by someone whose life has been improved by their work.  Issac Foster, Endourage CEO, and Chris Lundwall, Endourage CRO, are joined by Jim Taccono.  They discuss the state of CBD today including the importance of clinician grade, the significance of whole flower, and the impact of the absence of regulation in this marketplace.  There’s passion and humor and a lot of information.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  A note on Endourage: The company website states that it has undertaken the mission to reinvent wellness. The company produces rich, full cannabis, flower extracts and, uniquely, markets a clinician-grade CBD.  Visit them here : www.endourage.com.  

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