Current Challenges in Medical Cannabis:

Physicians and patients are searching for true medical cannabis products

  • There exists great potential for medical cannabis, however, specific disease products do not exist due to lack of scientific research
  • Physicians and patients do not have access to a consistent, rigorously-tested superior source of cannabinoid products
  • Physicians and patients seek education on science-informed cannabinoid product use regimens and formulations for specific therapeutic applications
  • Cannabis is arduously regulated at many levels of the supply/retail chain

Hemp is Cannabis with Significant Commercial Advantages

  • Hemp is Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC by dry volume
  • Like marijuana, Hemp produces abundant cannabinoids, including CBD / THC and over 140 other medically significant cannabinoids + terpenes
  • Unlike marijuana, no specialized licenses required; Colorado currently #1 in US  Hemp production
  • Hemp has been exempted from the controlled substance act.
  • US banking and public markets now eligible to participate
  • Hemp has significant market advantages as a Federally-legal, less costly agriculture product

Endourage Has Designed Novel Cannabinoid Products

Current Products

Complete Spectrum Extract (FSE) capsules

  • 10mg CBD+
  • 15mg CBD+
  • 25mg CBD+
  • 50mg CBD+
  • 100mg CBD+
  • 250 mg CBD+
Products in Development


  • 10mg CBD Plus
  • 25mg CBD Plus


  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Head Trauma / TBI / Concussion
  • Addiction / CNS Withdrawal support

Endourage Hemp Extracts Are Highly Enriched 
in Medicinal Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Endourage Hemp Extracts Always Tested for Residual Solvents, Microbial Contamination, Pesticides and Heavy Metals.

No significant traces of residual solvents, contaminating microbes, pesticides or heavy metals

Endourage Scientific R&D Pipeline