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Abundant Possibility: Isaac Foster, Endourage CEO

Abundant Possibility: Isaac Foster, Endourage CEO
Endourage Wellness Reinventors

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In this podcast the Endourage Chief Executive Officer, Isaac Foster, tells the story of how he became an advocate of clinician grade CBD.  It’s a story that starts in Mississippi with a German Civil Rights activist falling in love with an organizer.  Prevented from marrying in the US, they have their son, Isaac, in Germany.  Following a childhood split between Manhattan and Germany, he apprentices with a German engineering firm only to have the epiphany that he’s an American drawn to American-style entrepreneurial opportunity. From there his experiences in construction management, on Wall Street, and as a CFO, lead to start ups in “pharmtech” and marijuana.  To be sure, Isaac’s journey is driven by his talent and hard work, but also by a belief in promise of abundant possibility.  There’s a feeling that we’re missing out on something great that’s just outside of our grasp.  This fuels his sense of mission, along with a tinge of subversion to some right some historical wrongs.  This and the recognition of the potential for healthier financial returns let him to start Endourage.  Enjoy the story!  

This series of podcasts explores mission as both an idea and a reality. Why do some people commit themselves to a mission-driven business?  After all, figuring out how to deliver profit is hard enough without adding additional obligations.  These podcasts focus on the leadership of a company called Endourage. The company website states that it has undertaken the mission to reinvent wellness. The company produces rich, full cannabis, flower extracts and, uniquely, markets a clinician-grade CBD.  Visit them here : www.endourage.com.  

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