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The Patient Philosopher: Jim Taccogno, Part 1

The Patient Philosopher: Jim Taccogno, Part 1
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This podcast is the first of a two episode profile of Jim Taccono in his own words.  Born to a middle class family, he went to school, became a good tennis player and a great tennis coach, became a seasoned forensic scientist, fell in love, had a daughter.

And he suffered for years with an increasingly painful autoimmune disease.  

Jim approaches this philosophically and with a bit of humor you will enjoy.  During this first episode his condition resists intense pharmaceutical and medical attention.   His bright spirit and chatty demeanor resist years of harrowing experiences.  By the end of the episode Jim is emboldened to search for something else to provide relief and healing.  We’ll explore that in the second episode.    Jim’s story helps explain why the other participants in this series have undertaken the Endourage mission to reinvent wellness. 

This series of podcasts explores mission as both an idea and a reality. Why do some people commit themselves to a mission-driven business?  After all, figuring out how to deliver profit is hard enough without adding additional obligations.  These podcasts focus on the leadership of a company called Endourage. The company website states that it has undertaken the mission to reinvent wellness. The company produces rich, full cannabis, flower extracts and, uniquely, markets a clinician-grade CBD.  Visit them here :  

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