Whatever it takes to care for you: Dr. Steward's story - Endourage


Whatever it takes to care for you: Dr. Steward’s story

Whatever it takes to care for you: Dr. Steward’s story
Endourage Wellness Reinventors

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In this podcast the Endourage Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Steward, describes his journey to understanding clinician grade CBD. He’s the scion of an automotive entrepreneurial family who becomes a family physician just in time to confront the HIV/AIDS epidemic with his patients. As the story unfolds, we learn of his success against this scourge.  Dr. Steward’s principle is to do whatever it takes to provide care.  This leads him to reexamine  current prohibitions against CBD and to start Endourage.  It’s a great story!  

This series of podcasts explores mission as both an idea and a reality. Why do some people commit themselves to a mission-driven business?  After all, figuring out how to deliver profit is hard enough without adding additional obligations.  These podcasts focus on the leadership of a company called Endourage. The company website states that it has undertaken the mission to reinvent wellness. The company produces rich, full cannabis, flower extracts and, uniquely, markets a clinician-grade CBD.  Visit them here : www.endourage.com.  

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