500mg Deep Relief Transdermal Cream


Complete Spectrum, hemp flower extract, containing CBD in combination with additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as naturally found in organically cultivated hemp flower.

All batches screened for potency, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and bacteria to provide independent, third-party verification of contents and purity.

Endourage Complete Spectrum Cream provide a measured dose of CBD in combination with the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes naturally found in the flowers of mature, virgin, female hemp plants. Unfertilized hemp plants perpetually saturate their flowers, making them swell with cannabinoids in attempts to capture airborne pollen. Growing female plants in isolation from males maximizes their cannabinoid production and creates the most abundant and diverse collection of cannabinoids and terpenes possible.

In addition to producing cannabinoids, the unique compounds found only in the cannabis plant, including CBD, THC and approximately 140 other unique molecules, cannabis is one of the most prolific producers of terpenes, the aroma molecules found in all plants. Initial research suggests cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes are much more effective when used in the natural combinations and ratios as created by the plant, a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect”. Endourage complete spectrum hemp flower extract is created using proprietary extraction techniques designed to maximize both the potency and diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes while maintaining the natural balance in which they are found.

One of industrial hemp’s primary uses is to clean soil of contaminants prior to planting other crops. Hemp is used for this process because it has superior absorptive properties and removes a wide range of contaminants from the soil. While this is good for soil preparation, any products made from that hemp will contain and pass along those same contaminants. Because of this, Endourage only uses hemp flower grown in strict adherence to organic cultivation methods and third-party tests and verifies all its products to ensure that anything with the Endourage name on it is free from pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and biological contaminants and that those products contain the cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes in the amounts indicated on the product label.

By using the highest quality hemp flowers, extraction techniques and third-party transparency, Endourage provides you unadulterated, informed and controlled access to the plant.