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Complete Spectrum™ Musculoskeletal Cream™

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Endourage Deep Relief Musculoskeletal Cream™ is made from organically cultivated, virgin female hemp flowers using extraction techniques that maximize the quantity and complexity of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These ingredients are combined with one of the most highly regarded and well-studied deep penetrating agents available today: Lipoderm®. Each completed batch is third-party tested to ensure the accuracy of the label showing its cannabinoid and terpene content, and to ensure the absence of pesticides, solvents, microbes and heavy metals. Every Endourage product includes a scannable QR code that will take you directly to the six passing test results for that product.

Ingredients: Lipoderm® and Complete Spectrum™ Hemp flower extract that includes the full array of cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpenes, and is made from organically cultivated, virgin female Hemp flower.

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