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Industrial Uses of Hemp

Hemp and its components are used throughout the industrial, agricultural, construction, applied material, textile, body care and food industries. Among applied materials it can be used as coating, diesel fuel, lubricants, oil paints, printing ink, solvents, supercapacitors and varnish. Among body care, it can be used in body creams, cosmetics, extract oils, lip balms, shampoos […]

Hemp Agriculture

Hemp is becoming a preferable crop in many states following its 2018 legalization for a number of reasons. Its net profit per acre depends on its intended use, but is overall more profitable than traditional American crops. Corn makes about $350 per acre, soybeans roughly $250, cotton about $400 and tobacco around $1,200. Hemp fiber […]


Hemp is, for all intents and purposes, another variant of cannabis akin to indicas and sativas. It refers specifically to male cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC concentration, and typically, if not always, stem from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has recently been bred specifically for high CBD contents in extractions and concentrations.    […]

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